Herdsman II applicator Herdsman applicator 

Herdsman™ II Applicator

EasiEar® Release
  • Quicker, easier, more accurate applications
  • Reduced animal ear injuries
  • For HERDSMAN™, ComfortEar™ EID and SOUTHFORK tags
  • Cushioned, ergonomic handles
  • Convenient handle locking system

Herdsman™ Applicator

  • Made of rust-proof alloy
  • Tags load and release with ease
  • Special pitch of applicator pin reduces breakage
  • Cushioned plastic grips for more comfort, better grip, and more leverage
  • Applicator pin does not touch ear, reducing disease

Temple Marker

  • Heavy-duty, industrial grade felt tip marker
  • Quick-dry ink actually penetrates tag
  • Easy to use
  • For all Herdsman™ and Feeder Tags
Temple Marker